Integrative Life and Business ADHD Coaching
Having regular conversations with you about ADHD and neurodiversity have helped me shift my shame!! I feel like I am able to live a normal life that I can be proud of!

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Your house is a disaster.
  • You feel ashamed that you can’t get things done in your business or in your personal life.
  • No matter how hard you try, it feels like you can’t make progress in your business.

Do you DREAM of having more time, less stress and DOES THAT DREAM INCLUDE a business that gives you financial freedom?

But Where to Start?

With ADHD…

You often feel like you’ll never get organized – no matter what you do.

Let’s be real.

It’s hard to stay motivated when you feel overwhelmed and don’t know what step to take next.

You have spent more money on more courses than you’d like to admit – and most of them you never even finished.

But maybe that’s because most courses aren’t ADHD-friendly anyway?


You can find success in every day by learning to make ADHD your SUPERPOWER

Learning how to plan for MY Brain means I am decluttering my mind and able to jump into each day without frustration!

You need accountability to get organized

AND someone who truly understands to walk beside you

and guide you.

Do you NEED someone who gets it because they’ve lived your struggles

and learned to overcome them?

Why do you need me?

  1. I am ADHD Personified, medically diagnosed as a teen.
  2. I have multiple learning diff-abilities.
  3. I am an award-winning CEO and Content Creator.
  4. I have a 6-Figure OBM & Digital Marketing Agency (I don’t just say I can do it I have proven it).
  5. I have the confidence of a literal Rockstar (just ask me).
  6. I have crashed and burned businesses to the ground – AND learned to do it better
  7. I have been married for 28 years.
  8. I am a Master Life, Entrepreneurship, and Business Coach.
  9. I am a Cognitive and Functional Behavior Therapy Coach.
  10. I have survived in an African Jungle and moving from NY to AL (the NY to AL was a much harder culture shock to get over).

I will work with you so that Your dreams can become a reality and you can…

→  Feel Organized

→  Create Habits For Success

→  Identify Routines You Actually Love

→ Create a Marketing and Social Media Plan that Works for YOU 

→ Create a Profit and Financial Freedom in Your Business

I am not your average “Coach”!!!

 Being ADHD with learning differences and having an ADHD & otherwise Neurodivergent son, I spent YEARS learning the science of how our brains work, then got certified to train in it.

I look at the reasons our brains function the way they do. I teach you how to use these differences to your benefit. I teach you to make them your strength.

I work with you to create Dopamine Hacks and Success loops specific to YOU – and how you function.

It’s time to stop using ADHD as an excuse and make it your SUPERPOWER!

I get it!  I’ve been there!

With me as your coach and a community of women to support you
ADHD will become your superpower!

My promise to you? 

You will learn to:

→  Manage your time so you can make the money you deserve

→  Create a business that gives you time and freedom – without the chaos!

→  Become the working mom, wife, and woman who does it all


Leave the hot mess behind and find your best self!

I did it, I promise you can too!!!

Ready to Embrace ADHD?

Meet Danielle, your ADHD Mentor

ADHD Integrative Life, Functional & Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Business Coach
Co-Founder of Organized Operations, Award-Winning OBM, Digital Marketing Agency,
Entrepreneur Training Center

I am ADHD, so I truly understand how to take the confusion out of ADHD and turn it into my superpower and I teach others to do the same.

I am the wife to a weekend rockstar and the mom to a neurodivergent adult entrepreneur son. I have been there and done that, so you don’t have to – and you can learn from my mistakes, tears and frustration.

You deserve the life you dream of living!

Are you ready to embrace ADHD?

What You Have Access to:


Marketing, Business Strategy, Profit Growth, Social Media, Budgeting and more

Body Doubling Zoom Calls

Coaching, Accountability and Co-Working Sessions

Accountability Check-Ins

On a distraction-free platform and phone app

Dopamine & Life Hacks

Tips & Tricks to make your life and ADHD management easier

Basics of ADHD Life

  • 1 Intensive 60-minute Strategy One-on-One Session each month
  • Weekly Voxer Office Hours for in-between session support
  • 3 Body Doubling/Co-working Sessions each Week to get things done


  • 1 60-minute Strategy One-on-One Sessions each weekly
  • Voxer for in-between session support
  • 3 Body Doubling/Co-Working Sessions Week

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